Monday, August 9, 2010

Data Processing Conversion - September 1st

The credit union will be undergoing a data processing change effective September 1, 2010. Extensive training and preparations are taking place in advance of this event. Regular business hours will be observed on Tuesday, August 31st. PLEASE NOTE that we will be closed all day on Wednesday, September 1st and will reopen our offices at 12:00 Noon on Thursday, September 2nd.

Our CU-Online Home Banking and Memberlink Audio Response will be offline until Friday, September 3rd. If we can turn these applications on earlier than this we will certainly do so. Basically our staff will be verifying that these applications are performing correctly before we turn them on to the membership. The audio response telephone number will change to 1-800-598-8972 after the conversion date. Home banking users may want to sign in before September 1st and save any old e-statements to their hard drive or external storage devices. Any e-statements prior to September 1, 2010 will be available through the credit union after the conversion date. All e-statements generated after September 1, 2010 would be available to the member online as they have been in the past. If any members need help with how to save these older e-statements, please call our Electronic Services Representative at 256-534-2423.

VISA Debit Cards and ATM Cards will be available for use during the conversion process though at different intervals and for limited amounts of $100 or less if the system if offline. Members are encouraged to carry checks and/or cash during the conversion dates in case a particular card does not receive proper authorization for a transaction.

Shared service centers would be unavailable during the conversion dates of September 1st and 2nd also.

This information is being mailed to all members and is posted on our web site. Updates throughout the month and during the data conversion will be posted on our web site, Facebook, Twitter, and through this blog.

There are some exciting enhancements that will be available down the road as a result of this data processing change. These will include mobile banking, automated account alerts, remote deposits, online lending programs, and other technologies designed to improve convenience to the membership.