Friday, November 4, 2016

Election Day 2016

Americans enjoy many freedoms that often get taken for granted over time. The right to vote is one freedom that a majority of Americans do exercise in presidential elections, although roughly 60% of the eligible voters participating could be argued as a low number. That means that 40% of the people eligible to vote are not voting for some reason. Apathy is a big reason cited by voters who are not voting. This presidential race in particular has probably generated more apathy and discomfort in the political process than any presidential race that I can remember. 

Whether we like one or none of the presidential candidates, Americans will elect a new President to begin a new term in 2017. Our individual voices via our votes are the only way to determine who our elected officials will be. Everyone has their own process for determining who they will vote for and there is no wrong or right way. It is YOUR vote. It is YOUR right as an American citizen. 

This country was founded as a replacement for a political system where there were no votes being cast for government officials and there was no representation of the people. Our current political system is not perfect, far from it, but the voice of the people can make a difference when ballots are cast. Voters can send a message that can serve as a mandate for change, even in losing efforts. 

Vote. Encourage those you know to vote. While this election season has generated considerable division among the candidates and their supporters, we all should be unified in participating in the process that ultimately listens to our collective voices.