Friday, September 25, 2009

Facebook page for NAECU

North Alabama Educators Credit Union is now on facebook! This is another technology resource for connecting and communicating with our credit union members. Special thanks are extended to Selina Billions, our Vice-President of Administration, for creating the facebook page. Additional photos, video's, and other information will be added to the facebook page. Check it out from time to time. Direct links to the facebook page are posted on our "HOME" page, "NEWS & TIPS" page, and our "WEB LINKS" page. (For now you can click the facebook box above).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tip for VISA Debit Card Holders

For most members, it is NOT recommended that a VISA Debit Card be used for hotel and automobile reservations. The problem originates from the excess authorization holds that hotels and car rental companies place on the VISA Debit Card at the time of the initial reservation or check-in. Members who do not have an account balance well above the amount of the transaction may see transactions declined on other purchases because of the high authorization hold placed by the hotel or car rental company. Most hotel and car rental companies realize this potential problem and discourage the use of a VISA Debit Card for reservations. It is advisable to utilize a credit card for the initial reservation transaction. The VISA Debit Card should only be used upon final checkout of a hotel room or return of a rental vehicle.

Monday, September 21, 2009

North Alabama Educators Credit Union is participating in a statewide food drive effort to assist the local food banks. The Alabama Credit Union League has coordinated this event with credit unions and regional food banks throughout Alabama. Your help is needed! Everyone has a few extra canned items or other non-perishable food items in their pantry. Please consider a donation to help others in your community who are not as fortunate. The economic downturn has affected many Alabama families and the regional food banks are there to help families who need assistance with putting food on the table.

Stop by any North Alabama Educators Credit Union office to drop off a donation. Donations are being accepted through October 2nd. Your donation would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, September 14, 2009

H1N1 Flu Precautions

Everyone is aware of rising concerns with the H1N1 Flu Virus. Businesses and organizations of all types are having to install procedures to protect employees and the public against the transmission of the virus. Please do not be alarmed when you see notices posted at our entrances requesting drive thru access only for anyone running a fever or experiencing flu-like symptoms. This step is voluntary but we do ask for your cooperation. Our employees are washing their hands throughout the day. There are different locations within our offices where members and visitors can do the same. We are asking our employees to stay home if they do not feel well. The same is requested of our membership and any visitors to the credit union. Steps to minimize person to person contact within the offices will also be utilized. Again, please realize that we are just trying to reduce the risks of virus transmission.

Please be advised that should H1N1 Virus cases increase considerably in our area, the credit union will reduce office access areas to our membership. Drive thru only access or isolated offices within our branches would be made available to decrease the exposure potential. The credit union would be open and available to our members. It is also anticipated though that any severe flu outbreak would result in less people wanting to get out and possibly expose themselves to the virus. Cash travels from person to person so it would not be the ideal source of funding purchases and services. A VISA Debit Card would provide better security against the flu virus, so long as the point of sale terminals are wiped down on a regular basis.

Members are encouraged not to panic. All financial institutions are taking steps to protect their clients (members for us) and their employees. There is a good link on this blog page that provides good resource information on the flu virus.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Helping Schools Promotion

Everyone knows about the funding deficiencies within our school systems. Money for supplies to teachers and administrators has been reduced in most school systems. North Alabama Educators Credit Union would like to assist our sponsor school systems with supply needs.

Our Helping Schools Auto Loan promotion can help. From now through October 31st, the credit union will donate $50 in the form of a Schoolcraft gift certificate to the school system of the member's choice (within our sponsor groups) on every $10,000 qualifying automobile loan. The promotion is good for purchases or refinances from other institutions. All entries for each school system will be totalled at the end of the promotion. The school system that has collected the most entries towards their school system will have the additional benefit of having their amount DOUBLED by the credit union. In the event of a tie, the DOUBLED amount would be split among the school systems tied for the lead. If the winning school system had 20 entries, the $1,000 amount would be DOUBLED to a $2,000 total! This is just an example, we would love to see a much higher donation amount.

The credit union member is also benefiting from this promotion in that they are receiving a low fixed rate as low as 4.75% Annual Percentage Rate on the loan. (For qualified members - visit for our LOAN RATES page for rates & terms available). The member receives a low loan rate AND helps out their school system at the same time.

This really is a win-win situation for the member and the school systems. It is also good for the credit union in that we receive a good member loan and help out the community in the process. We will be posting total updates on our web site to track the progress of the promotion.

Good luck to each eligible school system!