Thursday, May 24, 2012

Robbery of Main Office Location

Our main office location was robbed on Friday, May 18th just after 3:00 PM in the afternoon. There was just one robber involved in the robbery that involved a note demanding money from one of our tellers. The good news is that no employees or members were injured during the robbery and the robbery suspect was apprehended on May 20th. Our credit union staff did a tremendous job of remaining calm and securing the crime scene following the robbery. Multiple security video sources have been utilized in documenting the robbery and the actions of the robber before, during, and after the robbery. The evidence in this case is very strong and we feel confident of a conviction of the suspect in custody.

We are extremely thankful for the actions of the Huntsville Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations in this case. We also are very appreciative of the many members and friends within the community who were concerned for our safety and well being after the robbery. Robberies seem to be increasing throughout the community. The security of our employees and members is our primary objective. Overall security measures are being evaluated as a result of this robbery.

Any robbery can be a scary event for the victims involved in the robbery. Our impacted staff have received counseling to deal with the emotional issues that can develop from a robbery event. Additional counseling sessions will be available going forward.

We are very thankful for the outcome of this particular robbery. No one was injured, any money lost was insured, the robbery suspect was apprehended, and the criminal case is expected to produce a conviction. This is the best possible outcome from a robbery incident.