Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Inheritance Scam: Not Your Lucky Day!

Below is a copy of an actual email received on the infamous "Inheritance Scam" that never seems to go away. I have placed XX's in those areas where the scammer had a name and contact information given. I find it interesting that the communication never addresses my own name at all and in fact they have a section at the bottom for me to enter my information. If I was truly the benefactor of such a large inheritance, you would think that they would already have my name/address. Even if you receive a similar email with your name and contact information included, these foreign inheritance emails and/or letters are always fake. You certainly would never have to split funds with anyone or pay taxes ahead of time to receive your money. This has been cut and pasted so pardon the structure and spellings;

I am writing to confirm, if you received 'my previous e-mail' regarding you having the same Surnames with my late client/inheritance.I hereby request your assistance and delegate the necessary authority to you on behalf of my late client to carry out this claim. Who was a business magnate that lived in Europe for over a decade prior to his death. I got your detailed contact e-mail Address through your country data, while searching for any possible relative OR a last name similar to my late clients.

Prior to my late client death; He made a mutual investments deposit worth the sum of $7,400,000.00 (SEVEN MILLION, FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) with a Financial safekeeping investment company (holding a client's securities or other assets on his/her behalf) here in Europe and declared it as a family-treasures. As the Attorney/Solicitor present during the deposit by my late client and family, the Financial safekeeping institutions has officially notified and instructed me to present heir/heiress to make Claims, so that he/she can be paid the outstanding deposit,which have been recorded by the company.Else the fund will be confiscated and taken to the Bureau of government treasury as unclaimed.

Further to extensive research, I decided to contact you; My suggestion to you is that I will like to present you as the heir/heiress to the Financial safekeeping institutions.Having a common Last Name with him is our ability to defend it and stand firm in other for us to achieve our goal;but I would like to assure you that I am proposing this project to you with the best of my intention.All I require from you is your honest co-operation; I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. Upon successful conclusion of this project, once the deposit is been release to you, we shall disbursed the content in the ratio of 50% /50% for me respectively as our benefit ($ 3.7 Million each).

Kindly confirm your understanding of this delegation by sign OR call my direct telephone number, via my office email address. Email: XXXXX@gmail.com as above you can equally send a fax with your Telephone /fax number for oral clarification.

Call at direct telephone number for effective communication on how to proceed next.
Contact telephone number : + xx xxx xxx xxx

We appreciate your assistance in this matter.
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Telephone Number: -----------------------

Kindest Regards,
Executor of a Will
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Tel : xxx-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx