Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas to All

This past year as seen its share of sorrows and tragedy throughout the world. As we each settle in our holiday gatherings and Christmas events, hopefully we will all spend some time focusing on the blessings that each of us enjoy. Our blessings are many when we stop to consider all that we take for granted. We all typically want more than we really need. We are each blessed to celebrate yet another Christmas on this earth. Be mindful of those around you have lost a loved one this past year. Comforting these individuals is the best gift that we can provide.
Merry Christmas to All !!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Surprise Branch Visitor - Monkey!

You never know what the new day of a credit union operation will bring from one day to the next. Some time ago our Sparkman branch was blessed with a surprise visitor as a guest of one of our credit union members. Our branch staff and fellow members in the office were surprised to see a pet monkey coming through our front door of the branch with our member. The monkey (don't have the pet name) was very well behaved and seemed to enjoy visiting the office. Like many other members and children who visit our offices, the monkey did enjoy a complimentary sucker during its visit. Not sure if the sucker was banana flavored or not.

Our surprise visitor was a highlight of the day for the staff. It reinforces the idea that you truly never know what will come through the front door. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Reminder on Eligibility with NAECU

People often hear our name, North Alabama Educators Credit Union, and mistakenly think that they must be a teacher to use the services of the credit union. Not so! While the initial origins of the credit union began with teachers back in 1955, our field of membership has expanded over the years to include many different organizations and association groups. A full listing of membership eligibility methods is included at http://naecu.org/about/index.php .

All students of public or private schools located in the Alabama counties of Madison, Morgan, and Limestone are eligible to join North Alabama Educators Credit Union. That is a sizable group of eligible people that may or may not be aware that the credit union could be a benefit for them. For any parents out there who do not have accounts already established for their children, the credit union is a great place to get them started for a safe savings outlet. Better than that piggy bank on the dresser! North Alabama Educators Credit Union has a Kirby Kangaroo Club for younger children and a CU-Succeed Club for teens. Both offer micro-sites on our home page that help to educate and entertain our youth members. (Located in the bottom right corner of our home page at www.naecu.org.)

All members of Parent-Teacher organizations (PTA, PTO, PTSA) of schools located within the Alabama counties of Madison and Limestone, or within the City of Decatur, Alabama are eligible for membership in the credit union. North Alabama Educators Credit Union proudly supports these Parent-Teacher organizations and encourages parents and caregivers to participate in their local school organizations. Many of the Parent-Teacher organizations have a multitude of benefits associated with those who join their organizations, and credit union services through North Alabama Educators Credit Union is one of those benefits.

Additional sponsor groups and eligibility methods are listed on the linked page above. Again, don't be fooled by our name. Part of our "Educators" objective is to help our member-owners to improve their own financial bottom line, not ours. Improving financial literacy throughout the community, especially to teen students approaching college, is a lifestyle benefit that can pay great dividends into the future.