Thursday, May 31, 2018

Video Surveillance

All financial institutions will employ a variety of video surveillance equipment throughout the offices of each operational location. Video recording is taking place both inside and outside of our offices. This video is there to document a number of events taking place over the course of a given workday. Video is capturing vehicle and pedestrian  traffic as they come and go from our parking lots. This capability has assisted the credit union in cases of vehicle accidents, property damage to our buildings, personal injury falls, and fraud and/or crimes to document vehicles being driven. Several years ago our main office was robbed and we were able to capture images of the getaway vehicle that dropped off the robber before the robbery.

The outside cameras have helped while we are closed also to document storm damages or criminal activity taking place on our lots after hours. Police departments often review our outside video coverage for events that have taken place near our offices.

Once an individual steps into one of our offices, there are numerous cameras throughout the building that will capture different angles of people coming and going. This is why we ask that hats and sun glasses be removed. If you've ever seen robbery suspects the vast majority have hats and sun glasses on to help disguise their appearance. We once had one of our credit union members walk in with his full face motorcycle helmet on while doing a transaction at the teller window. When I saw this live on my office monitor I immediately went to verify that all was ok but to also counsel that member to never to do that again. We have tellers who have been involved in robberies and they do not need scary situations being presented to them in the course of their daily jobs. Our cameras at the teller lines have helped to document disputes over money exchanges and service. Video is pretty honest and comes in handy often.

Video surveillance is there for both your protection and that of the credit union employees.