Friday, January 2, 2015

CO-OP Network: Provides Thousands of Branches to NAECU Members

When people ask how many branches NAECU has, the answer might surprise you: Over 5,000 physical branches throughout the United States and foreign locations. That's right, over 5,000 branches. Many of the large regional banks don't offer that many locations. How can an $85 million dollar credit union like NAECU offer more branch locations than a multi-billion dollar regional bank?

Cooperation among credit unions, that's how. The CO-OP Network is a collection of individual credit unions all over the country that have banded together to provide common resources that benefit all credit union members within the network group. Participating credit unions offer their branches and staff to post transactions on your host credit union. Have a child attending college out of town in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? There are 4 CO-OP Network branches available there. Have a child attending college out of town in Auburn, Alabama? There are 2 CO-OP Network branches available there. Have a child out of state in Nashville, Tennessee? There are 13 CO-OP Network Branches available there. Members of NAECU can perform transactions on their NAECU accounts at these CO-OP Network branches. Available transactions include deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, account transfers, account history reviews, and known payroll check cashing. THERE IS NO FEE TO NAECU MEMBERS FOR USING THESE SERVICES. Cashier's checks can be purchased for a small fee.

The CO-OP Network also provides nearly 30,000 surcharge free ATM locations!

Members of NAECU with accounts older than 90 days can utilize the CO-OP Network and enjoy the greatly expanded access to their account(s) with NAECU.

Members are encouraged to visit for CO-OP Network information and a search engine for available locations by city or zip code. Phone apps and a texting option are available. An automated phone search for locations is available at 1-888-748-3266 or live help is available at 1-888-837-6500.

The CO-OP Network is an incredible free benefit available to members of NAECU. Check it out!