Monday, July 7, 2008

Member Referrals - Earn $10

How about $10 for referring a relative or eligible co-worker to join North Alabama Educators Credit Union? During our membership promotion, existing members can receive a $10 deposit from the credit union for referring a new member to join. We have a membership coupon on our website that can be printed and given to prospective members. Parents and Grandparents can also use the coupon to open accounts for their children and grandchildren. The new account member receives a $10 deposit and the referring member also receives a $10 deposit. If people have been thinking about opening a child's account, this would be an ideal time to do it.

Teen members can earn money by encouraging their friends to join North Alabama Educators Credit Union. All students are eligible for membership. Encourage four friends to join and that translates to $40 earned. That is the cost of a full tank of gas these days!

New checking account members can also select any style check on their first order of checks. Of course, the initial VISA Debit Card is free also.

Click HERE for the link to the "ABOUT US" page that has the membership coupon.

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