Monday, November 10, 2008

Audio Response Unit Changes

Our MemberLink 24-Hour Audio Response Unit was recently replaced. This replacement was required since the previous unit was no longer supported for maintenance or repairs by the system vendor. If the old unit had malfunctioned or crashed, members would have been without the audio response service for weeks if not months while a new unit was configured.

Menu items have changed somewhat with the new audio response unit. Please listen carefully to all menu options as a result. The POUND key " # " is not used as often as the old unit's menu. If the POUND key " # " is entered when it is not requested by the menu, the general menu will be provided.

To bypass the initial message explaining the unit change, simply input the STAR key " * " to receive the general menu options. This can be entered at any time during an audio response call to return to the general menu options.

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