Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cell Phones at Teller Windows

What did we do before we all had cell phones? Mobile communications are certainly more convenient than land line phones. Since cell phones are mobile though, calls can arrive at inconvenient times when other conversations or activity is taking place. Transacting financial business with a teller would be an inconvenient time for a cell phone call. The teller's job is to be friendly with the credit union member and post the member's transaction correctly. The teller may need to verify information and/or member instructions regarding the transaction. That is difficult to do with two conversations taking place at the same time.

The main problem however with cell phone calls during a teller transaction is the potential security problem. The teller line deals with cash. There have been cases in financial institution robberies where the robber utilizes a cell phone to communicate with a criminal accomplice who is outside of the institution. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) recommends that cell phones not be allowed on a teller line as a result.

Please avoid cell phone calls when transacting business at one of our teller lines. Our employees have been instructed to discontinue the transaction until a cell phone call is terminated by the member. If you receive a cell phone call and need to take the call, simply step away from the teller line and complete your cell phone conversation. We certainly appreciate our membership and thank each and every one for their business. We are also responsible for protecting our employees and members from potential robberies. Please help the credit union in our security efforts by avoiding cell phone calls during teller transactions.

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