Monday, July 13, 2009

Mailings on VISA Debit Cards and ATM Cards

Members are advised to watch their mail closely if they are expecting a new VISA Debit Card or ATM Card. A new card can be mailed either as a new card, a normal replacement cycle to replace an upcoming expired card, or as a replacement to a card that may have been compromised in an outside data breach. As an example, if your active card expires in the month of July you would be receiving your new replacement card during the month of July. (The old card would be good until July 31st). The expiration date is embossed on the front of your VISA Debit Card or ATM Card. Review your own expiration date(s) so that you know when to be expecting a new card.

On a card replacement due to a data breach, we mail out letters to all members impacted by the compromise and inform them that a new card will be mailed within a specified time. Unless there is active fraud taking place on our card base, most members will still be able to use their old VISA Debit Cards or ATM Cards for at least 30 days. Any data breach letters sent would specify the time frames surrounding the new and replacement card.

One problem that we are seeing with mailed cards is that members don't always open the mailed envelope containing the replacement card(s). For security reasons, there are no obvious markings on the mailed envelope that would indicate that a VISA Debit Card or ATM Card is inside the envelope. The idea with the plain envelope is to prevent theft of the cards from the time it is shipped out until the member receives the mailing. The return address on the mailings has our PO Box 128, Huntsville AL 35804 address. On some mailings it has Card Center NAECU as the sender's name.

If you are expecting a new or replacement VISA Debit Card or ATM Card, please watch your mail closely and look for an envelope with the PO Box 128 sender address.

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