Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CO-OP ATM Network - 28,000+ Free ATM's

Our members with a VISA Debit Card or ATM Card now have over 28,000 ATM's available nationwide where an ATM withdrawal can be made without a fee. The credit union is now a member of the CO-OP Network, a shared network of ATM's throughout the country. In the Huntsville and surrounding areas, all Redstone Federal Credit Union ATM's and Publix Grocery Store ATM's will not charge a surcharge for an ATM withdrawal to members of NAECU. Please note - we do have an internal $0.50 fee for ATM balance inquiries at one of these ATM's so please utilize either our free 24-hour Memberlink audio response system or our free home banking system to monitor your available balance. ATM withdrawals from a CO-OP Network ATM are totally free since there is not a fee from the ATM owner or NAECU for the transaction.

To find a surcharge free ATM location near you, use the CO-OP ATM locator web site listed below;

There is also a method of retrieving available locations through a text message on your cell phone. Information on this access is available on the web link above. The CO-OP link will be posted on our home page for convenient access.
Members are also reminded that surcharge free cash can also be obtained by using the "cash-back" feature when making purchases at grocery stores and retailers. If you are already making a purchase anyway, it eliminates the need for a trip to the ATM.

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