Monday, November 21, 2011

PTA Members & Students Eligible for Membership

People often associate North Alabama Educators Credit Union as a financial institution available only for teachers or school employees. While we do serve many school employees in the area, we also offer credit union eligibility to students and PTA members. Specifically, all students living within the Alabama counties of Madison, Morgan, and Limestone are eligible for membership. PTA groups (also PTO's and PTSA's) of our eligible school sponsors are also eligible. The eligible public school systems are Huntsville City Schools, Madison City Schools, Madison County Schools, Limestone County Schools, Athens City Schools, and Decatur City Schools. PTA's themselves can open an account with North Alabama Educators Credit Union. (Some PTA accounts have moved to North Alabama Educators Credit Union to avoid the fees being charged at their previous banking institution).

For PTA officers, membership eligibility in North Alabama Educators Credit Union is a great additional benefit to relay to current and potential PTA members. Consumers have become largely dissatisfied with the larger traditional banking institutions. North Alabama Educators Credit Union is truly locally owned and operated since the credit union is owned by the members who use the services of the credit union. Our members have not seen the rising fees and account restrictions that have been highlighted by the media stories on banking over the past few months.

North Alabama Educators Credit Union would love to provide credit union literature and information to the eligible PTA groups in the area. We have staff available, myself included, who can attend PTA meetings and briefly announce the additional benefit of credit union membership through North Alabama Educators Credit Union. In short, PTA members can save money with an account at North Alabama Educators Credit Union and we can demonstrate specific examples of those savings.

Any PTA officers interested in additional information can send an email to or contact our Market Coordinator at 256-534-2423.

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