Thursday, July 2, 2015

Independence Day Recognition

On this and every Independence Day, it is important to recognize the birth of our country and appreciate the liberties that we do enjoy in these United States. While our history as a nation may not have always been perfect, our country has evolved over time and remains the beacon destination for many throughout the world seeking freedom and economic prosperity. 

Our independence from Great Britain was a bold and courageous decision. The lives that were lost at that time in our history paved the way for the country that we now enjoy today.  

Independence Day is a celebration of our country's origin. Like any good birthday, the best part is being around for yet another birthday. 

On behalf of the staff and officials of North Alabama Educators Credit Union, we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration. If you do sing Happy Birthday for our nation, be sure to add "and many more..." for good measure! 

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