Friday, September 4, 2015

Labor Day Recognition

With the upcoming Labor Day weekend upon us, it is fitting to recognize the talents and service of our own employees here at North Alabama Educators Credit Union. The credit union is fortunate to have a group of employees who serve the membership well with their dedication to member service. Having worked myself as a teller many years ago, I know full well how challenging and important these front line employees are to the success of a financial institution. Members work with our front line staff day in and day out and their service is what keeps them doing business with North Alabama Educators Credit Union. Our back office and support area employees do their part in helping members with all the electronic service channels that exist these days. Management and the Board of Directors greatly appreciate the work of our employees. The benefits provided to our employees is a good package and reflects the appreciation of their efforts on behalf of all members. We certainly want to do more whenever possible.

I know that our employees will enjoy a long weekend filled with family gatherings, college football kickoff parties, outdoor events, and just general relaxation on their own terms. They deserve it.

If you are a member of North Alabama Educators Credit Union and really appreciate the service of one or more employees here, please take a moment the next time you visit to let them know. All employees love to be recognized for good deeds. Trust me, it would be appreciated!

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