Monday, November 16, 2015

Weather Closings and Delays at NAECU

It has been predicted by multiple sources that the Tennessee Valley can expect a harsher winter this year due to changes associated with the El Nino weather patterns. Time will tell whether the forecasters are correct or not. One thing is for certain however in the Tennessee Valley - this area is not well suited to clear roads from winter weather events. Governmental budgets are stretched thin as they are so additional resources for winter weather events are pretty much non-existent. That translates to roads being impassable and officially closed under fairly minimal snow and ice events.
If roads are not safe or closed due to weather conditions, that means that our employees cannot travel safely to and from their own homes. Safety of our employees is the primary factor in determining our operating hours when dealing with weather events.

My decision in closing or delaying operating hours of the credit union is not made lightly. I never make a decision on a closing or delayed opening until at least the early morning of a day in question. There have been too many occasions where a winter weather event was expected the night before that did not produce the anticipated results. In order for the credit union to close or delay an opening, there must be active road problems taking place or a line of known winter weather coming that is causing driving problems in its path. We all know that tornadoes are possible throughout the year as well. We did close early on the tornado outbreak day of April 27, 2011 because of the high probability of damaging tornadoes which sadly did occur. Luckily our employees were home when the long track tornado took out the power grid and did so much damage in Morgan, Limestone, and Madison counties. Again, safety of our employees is our primary objective.

We are working on a phone app system where members could be alerted to changing office hours due to weather events. In the meantime, our web site's home page is updated as well as our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. We send out an email message via Constant Contact to subscribers (no cost) to inform about any necessary office hour changes. To subscribe to our Constant Contact mailing list, CLICK HERE to provide you name and valid email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.  

Everyone should be weather aware. If there is anticipated poor weather expected in our area, making financial plans and obtaining some cash before the weather event is always a good idea.

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