Thursday, September 6, 2018

Caller ID Spoofing Fraud

Local credit unions combined forces to produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the growing Caller ID Spoofing problem going on throughout the country.

Here is a link to the PSA video: CLICK HERE

Basically, Caller ID as a reliable technology is dead. Do not rely on Caller ID as a verification of who is calling you. Caller ID can be tricked to show any number that the caller wants, such as a financial institution or government agency.

Credit unions have spent decades of building trust with our members and scammers are abusing that trust with Caller ID Spoofing. NEVER give out personal information on an unsolicited call regardless of who is supposedly calling you. Scammers are trying to gain the 3-digit security code on the back of your credit or debit card. Don't do it!

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