Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Great Teacher Conference

It has been a pleasure to serve as a volunteer for the Great Teacher Conference being held at Columbia High School this week. The Schools Foundation, in partnership with Huntsville City Schools, Madison County Schools, and Madison City Schools, has hosted this conference for six years. NAECU had several employees serving as volunteers to assist with sign-in sheets, meeting evaluations, and general assistance with the conference. Two of our employees, Selina Billions and Rhonda Dodson, have served as volunteers each day of the conference. I appreciate their work and efforts in assisting the conference. NAECU was proud to serve as the sponsor for Tuesday's lunch for the conference participants.

It has been great to meet and talk with teachers during the conference. I served as a meeting facilitator on several educational sessions and I have great respect for the efforts being taken to provide a quality education for our children.

For more information on The Schools Foundation, please visit their web site at www.theschoolsfoundation.org .

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