Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Account access while away at college

One of the better services available to our student-members attending college out of town is our Credit Union Service Centers (CUSC) network. Members of North Alabama Educators Credit Union currently have over 3,300 branch locations available nationwide for free access to perform withdrawals, deposits, loan payments, account transfers, and payroll check cashing.

Popular college towns in the Southeast that have service center locations include Auburn-AL, Tuscaloosa-AL, Birmingham-AL, Florence-AL, Mobile-AL, Nashville-TN, Knoxville-TN, Atlanta-GA, Athens-GA, Oxford-MS, Starkville-MS, Gainsville-FL, Tallahassee-FL, Baton Rouge-LA, and Fayetteville-AR. This is a short list of school locations; other locations are also available throughout the country.

With service centers, parents can deposit money into the student's account, and then the student can access the funds at the closest service center location to their college or university. Who knows, perhaps the student will be making deposits at school for access back home by the parent? Either way, there is no cost for the transaction.

Here is a direct link to the CUSC website:

This link is also listed on the credit union homepage. (Look for the blue swirl logo).

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