Friday, August 15, 2008

ATM at Main Office

Our ATM at the main office on Whitesburg Drive is currently down due to continued service problems and downtime. A new ATM will be installed soon and will be placed in the first drive thru lane through the wall of the credit union. This will provide better security for credit union staff members and greatly reduce the impact of varying weather conditions on the ATM itself. In the meantime, members are encouraged to utilize any Redstone Federal Credit Union ATM as withdrawals there are free of charge for members of North Alabama Educators Credit Union. They do not charge a surcharge fee for withdrawals to members of North Alabama Educators Credit Union. We do not charge an internal fee for ATM withdrawals from an ATM not owned by NAECU. Please note though that there is a $0.50 fee for balance inquiries or balance tranfers at an ATM not owned by NAECU. To avoid this type of fee, members are encouraged to use our 24-Hour Audio Response MemberLink or home banking services, both of which are free services.

Paperwork has been signed and delivered for joining the CO-OP ATM Network that will provide even more surcharge free ATM's nationwide. Hopefully we can provide a live date soon for this expanded ATM network.

The new ATM should be in place within the next few weeks. An update will be posted here when the new ATM is back online.

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