Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Scams in Alabama

The criminals never seem to rest when it comes to creating different scams. The latest scam that has impacted another credit union in South Alabama is a "Vishing" attack. An automated telephone call was placed to thousands of consumers stating that the consumer's credit or debit card had expired. The consumer was then asked to call a long distance telephone number to reactivate the card by providing the card number, PIN, and current expiration date. The credit union's name was included in the automated call and also on the toll free number.

Credit unions do not contact you by phone, email, or regular mail and ask you for your personal information. If you are ever contacted by a source claiming to be from North Alabama Educators Credit Union and they ask for personal information, please do not provide this information. Remember - Do not trust Caller ID as a verification since Caller ID can be spoofed by scammers. Contact the credit union at one of our published telephone numbers to let us know about the potential scam.

I predict that telephone and mail scams will become more common in the future. Most consumers are more aware of the email scams now so they are less effective to the criminals.

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