Monday, November 1, 2010

Over 28,000 ATM's and Counting

There was a Wells Fargo/Wachovia commercial the other day that bragged about having a network of 12,000 ATM's available for their customers.

That might seem impressive until you realize that members of North Alabama Educators Credit Union have over 28,000 Surcharge Free ATM's available nationwide for cash withdrawals through the
CO-OP ATM network. How can a credit union like North Alabama Educators Credit Union with $75 million in total assets have more than twice as many free ATM's than a multi-billion dollar financial institution like Wells Fargo? Cooperation is the key difference. Credit unions work with each other to provide free ATM access to other credit union members. Banks rarely if ever work together on providing shared resources to other banks.

Members are encouraged to visit for a variety of different methods to locate surcharge free ATM's. This link is also posted on our web site home page.

Members can locate surcharge free ATM's online, by iPhone application, text messaging, or by a GPS system. These options are included on the CO-OP ATM locator link listed above. There are numerous surcharge free ATM locations in the Tennessee valley area. All Publix grocery store ATM's provide free ATM withdrawals as an example.

While we do not have an internal fee for withdrawals at CO-OP Network ATM's, the credit union does have a internal fee of $0.50 for balance inquiries and $1.00 for balance transfers when performed at an ATM not owned by North Alabama Educators Credit Union. Keep in mind that balance transfers and balance inquiries can both be performed free of charge 24-hours a day through home banking or audio response.

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