Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Safety Tips to Reduce Card Fraud

FICO recently distributed a good list of tips for card holders to reduce the exposure to possible fraud. These are the highlights;
F - Figure out your balance. Keep close tabs on the balances of any financial account that is accessible by a plastic payment card. Identifying a dramatic change in one of your accounts is the best early warning system a consumer can have.
R - Respond to contact by unknown persons with extreme caution. It's ok to hang up and call back! Do not trust text messages, emails, or direct telephone calls from persons unknown to you especially if they identify themselves as an employee of the financial institution. NEVER call a telephone number that is provided to you by unknown persons. Obtain the financial institution phone number on your own and call them immediately to verify your account status.
A - ATM Safety. Never approach an ATM if anyone is lingering nearby. Never engage in conversations with strangers around an ATM. Never use an ATM if you see loose or wobbly parts attached to the face of the ATM or notice a dramatic change in the appearance of the ATM since your last visit.
U - Unreported incidents can hurt you. If your plastic card is captured inside of an ATM call your card issuer immediately to report the card capture. Sometimes you may think that your card was captured when in reality it was later retrieved by a criminal who staged its capture.
D - Don't hesitate. Ask your card issuer for a new number if you suspect that your card has been compromised at a merchant, restaurant or ATM. It is important to change both your card number and your PIN whenever you experience a potential theft of personal information.
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