Thursday, December 16, 2010

VISA Gift Cards

Having difficulty finding a gift for someone? A VISA Gift Card is the perfect gift since the card can be used at any merchant that accepts VISA. The VISA Gift Cards can even be registered online by the user for purchases and transactions performed on the Internet. This Internet access actually can be useful for those members who are looking to make an Internet purchase but are leery about using their own credit card or debit card online. For the record, debit cards are not recommended for Internet use due to the exposure of your own account funds if a fraud compromise occurs with the merchant being used. We have seen several members recently who have been the victims of debit card fraud which is believed to have arisen from Internet usage with their debit card.

North Alabama Educators Credit Union has VISA Gift Cards available for the holidays and for any reason during the year. Graduations, weddings, and birthdays come to mind. Teenagers love these cards! The VISA Gift Cards can be purchased for amounts from $10 to $500 at a low cost of only $2 per card purchased. The new rules for gift cards also make them a more attractive gift because the expiration dates are much longer now. These VISA Gift Cards are available at all of our offices.

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