Monday, June 6, 2011

Refer a New Member - Earn $10.00

Membership Months for North Alabama Educators Credit Union is now in effect through September 30th. What does this mean to existing members? Existing members can refer potential new members to North Alabama Educators Credit Union and earn $10.00 for each qualifying new member who opens an account. Some of our best sales people are our own members. Share your good experiences and stories to relatives (any family member of an existing member can join) and encourage them to join the credit union. If you have three children who don't have accounts, that is $30.00 to get them started on a savings plan PLUS you would earn $30.00 as well for referring the new accounts! Membership coupons can be printed out on our web site - CLICK HERE.

Don't forget that friends and co-workers may be eligible to join the credit union as well. The page link above provides a resource for membership eligibility qualifications. As an example, PTA members of sponsor schools are eligible and anyone can become a member of the PTA. All students in the counties of Madison County, Morgan County, and Limestone County are also eligible for credit union membership. There are numerous other eligibility methods.

Become a salesperson for North Alabama Educators Credit Union and earn some green while helping the credit union to continue our membership growth.

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