Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VISA Debit Card Fraud Monitoring

Behind the scenes of every VISA debit transaction, our fraud prevention team is monitoring every transaction and scoring the potential fraud risk associated with each transaction. The fraud prevention system tracks member card activity and looks for unusual changes in card usage behavior or locations. Members may be contacted either by telephone or mail by our Fraud Prevention Center to confirm suspicious transactions. The Fraud Prevention Center telephone number is 1-800-262-2024 which is open nights and weekends. We recently had a member to receive a mailed inquiry about possible suspicious activity on their VISA Debit card from the Fraud Prevention Center. The 1-800-262-2024 telephone was provided in the letter. The member contacted the credit union first to verify that the letter was legitimate and then contacted the Fraud Prevention Center. The member had recently traveled to Gulf Shores and there were a few back to back transactions at a WalMart that appeared suspicious. (Most card users would make one purchase and move out of the store). The Fraud Prevention Center provided all the details of the transactions and asked no confidential information during the member call. No fraud was evident and the potential fraud case was closed.

Key Points: Never provide personal information in response to a fraud inquiry. Our Fraud Prevention Center will just need your name and zip code. They will then provide the details of any suspicious transactions. If you receive a telephone call from 1-800-262-2024 (The Fraud Prevention Center number), inform the caller that you will call them back at the same number since incoming calls can be spoofed (fake) and not actually be the Fraud Prevention Center. The published number for the Fraud Prevention Center is listed on the bottom of our home page at Members are welcome to contact any credit union office location for assistance as well.

There are MANY fraudulent emails, text messages, phone calls, and letters circulating that are designed to steal personal information. Be careful out there!

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