Wednesday, August 3, 2011

School Supply Loans - 0.00% APR

North Alabama Educators Credit Union is once again offering School Supply Loans where qualified members can borrow up to $500.00 at a 0.00% Annual Percentage Rate.* These loans are paid back over a maximum term of 10 months on payroll deduction. A small processing fee does exist on these loans. If you need to borrow money, this is one of the best deals you will find.

These School Supply Loans have been very popular over the years to teachers and parents in assisting with their school expenses. Frankly the loans can be used for any worthwhile reason. We have had members to use these loans to pay off costly payday lenders and check cashing loans.

The first three days that this loan was available this year (started July 11th) the credit union provided over $52,000 in School Supply Loans to our members. Availability of this loan will continue through September 30th.

This School Supply Loan is another excellent example of the value of credit union membership in North Alabama Educators Credit Union. You will not find this type of loan offer with the large traditional banking institutions. Credit union membership does have its privileges.

*We are an Equal Credit Opportunity Lender. Qualifications must be met on all loans. Rates and loan availability are subject to change without notice. Your loan interest rate will be determined by your credit worthiness as well as other factors, such as the length of your loan.

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