Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Service Highlight : CO-OP Surcharge Free ATM's

Credit unions do a really good job of working with other credit unions. The credit union philosophy of "people helping people" extends between credit unions as well. The CO-OP Surcharge Free ATM Network is an excellent example of credit unions working together for the common good of credit union members in general.

Basically, the CO-OP ATM Network is a collection of credit unions throughout the country that allow participating credit unions to access their ATM's without a surcharge fee. There are other ATM's within the network, like Publix Grocery Store ATM's, that are also surcharge free but the bulk of the ATM's are owned by credit unions.

There are currently over 28,000 ATM's nationwide where members of North Alabama Educators Credit Union can withdraw cash without a surcharge fee or internal fee. Totally free to the member. In the Tennessee Valley area, most Redstone Credit Union ATM's and Publix Grocery Store ATM's are surcharge free. Always look for the CO-OP Network Logo (shown above) on the ATM. You should also not have to click "yes" to a surcharge fee at the terminal if the ATM is part of the CO-OP Network.

Locating a surcharge free ATM can be done in several ways. Members can locate a CO-OP Surcharge Free ATM through an online ATM locator, iPhone Application, Text Messaging, or GPS. Below is a direct link to the ATM Locator page for the CO-OP ATM network. This CO-OP link is posted on our credit union home page as well.


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